About Us

We Understand Your Business, We Know IT and We Provide Real Value

Company Overview

ITASPECT LTD is an emerging Information Technology company that delivers solutions that fit the business model of its clients.

We provide world-class services either through consulting or on a staffaugmentation basis.

We partner with its clients to:
  • Effectively manage IT infrastructure,
  • Deliver world class services to their end-users.
  • Ensure critical systems are optimally designed, configured, managed and secured.
  • Our customer base includes:
  • Telecommunications service providers,

  • Media and Entertainment firms.
  • Health Insurance companies, Financial Institutions.
  • Small, Medium and Large Enterprises, Educational Instutitions and individuals.
  • Some areas of expertise include:

    • IT Services and Operations
    • IT Security,System Design Services,Systems Modernization.
    • Data Analysis and Web Development.

    Our database management expertise include : Data models, performance tuning; coordination
    of database changes and tests.


    Web Design ( 95% )
    Data Analysis ( 90% )
    Data Base ( 90% )
    Wordpress, Drupal, Visual Studio ( 80% )
    SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL ( 85% )